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From the initial meeting your wedding consultant will listen to what you want and desire. They will assist you in defining and developing your wedding vision, prioritising key elements and providing you with valuable advice. Your wedding planner will also offer you a realistic fee expectation for their personalised services and deliver an approximate budget for your entire wedding based on the level of quality of you seek.

146807966Readjustments can be made in relation to their role and to your budget for individual services from the inception or during the wedding planning process. You are not locked into anything other than an initial deposit should you go ahead with any level of Sovereign’s services.

After your planner from Sovereign has considered all your requests they will begin negotiations, securing venues and vendors. Once you agree on each service they will confirm on your behalf. All decisions, unless otherwise specified, are yours and yours alone.

You can then expect a flawless day and experience total peace of mind. You can trust Sovereign Weddings to organise and coordinate everything perfectly and turn your wedding ideas into a spectacular and unique occasion.

Our services and suppliers are available to you Australia wide and abroad in selected boutique destinations. We can also research any location on your behalf and provide you with a customised solution specific to your individual needs.


We provide expert consultative advice and unforgettable weddings that will excite you and your guests.
Feel free to contact us for further insight.

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Tailored services, a flawless day and have total peace of mind.