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As Sovereign Weddings has been planning boutique weddings for over 20 years in Melbourne, around Australia and abroad, we have encountered a massive influx of Asian couples whether here in Melbourne, aroud Australia and abroad, that seek experienced wedding planners to assist them realise their idea of an exceptional wedding. Predominantly they seek a Western style wedding here in Australia and overseas. On some occassions, a traditionally cultured wedding in a country, other than their homeland, is also a trend.

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In the so called Asian century, Sovereign has engaged in many Chinese, Vietnamese, Balinese, Philippine, Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, cross and mixed cultural weddings and we look forward to assisting many couples into the future.

Our experience has allowed us to gain massive insights into the way different couples and families from Asian backgrounds think and feel. We have become accustomed to their needs, wants and desires, whether traditional or western style in orientation.

Feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion!

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Tailored services, a flawless day and have total peace of mind.