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” We would like to sincerely thank you for all your help and patience in planning our wedding. You did an amazing job despite the short time frame. Thanks to your professionalism and “can-​do” attitude, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams. Everything went smoothly and your attention to detail is amazing! So many of our guests told us that it was the most elegant and beautiful wedding they had ever been to. To this day, we still get compliments on how everything looked and how perfect everything was. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. ”

Karen and Arnel Llanillo


” Sovereign help us creates an amazing wedding. We are really appreciate your patience and advice. Everything was perfect on our wedding day ”

Andy and Fan Zhang


Sovereign Weddings is truly the best wedding planning company! We were very lucky to have you as our wedding planner. They helped us from months before the wedding till the last minute of our wedding, did a wonderful job so we can have a beautiful and stress free wedding.

Karen and David He


We would like to truly thank Sovereign Weddings for their beautiful and professional services as our wedding planners. Without them, this wedding could never have happened!

Minnie and Tiger Lin


” Thank you all for helping make our dreams a reality. Your patience, guidance and advice were greatly appreciated. Sovereign helped create a day that will always be remembered as one of the highlights in our lives. ”

David and Tracey Mair
Recipients of the 2006 Motor Show Wedding Prize


” … a truly remarkable day, thank you so much… ”

Alan and Vashti Brown


” Thank you Sovereign Weddings for planning our wedding so well in such a short time frame, you saved the day for us ”

Mark and Ory Murnane


” Everything was perfect, a real hassle free experience ”

Kon and Kim Kostopoulos


” You guys are on the ball! ”

Andrew and Melanie Frisch

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Tailored services, a flawless day and have total peace of mind.